Transport Canada to Introduce More Drone Regulations

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If you find a drone under your Christmas tree this year, you’ll have a new set of regulations to go along with it in 2017.

Transport Canada says the changes will address the growing popularity of drones and the increasing number of drone-related incidents.

“Transport Canada is exploring changes to the regulations that will address the growing popularity and economic importance of drones and integrate them safely into Canadian airspace,” a rep told CityNews in a statement.

The changes include new flight rules, registration requirements, knowledge testing, minimum age limits, and permits.

There are already some regulations in place that stipulate where drones should and shouldn’t be used, but the government says more is needed to address the growing number of drone users.

Currently, commercial drones and those weighing more than 35 kg must be certified for use, which stipulates how and where the objects are allowed to be used. The Transport Canada chart below shows how many Special flight Operations Certificates were issued since 2010. In Ontario that number has gone from 20 to 1,038 this year.